iKON’s B.I Made a Promise To Fans For Their First Win…But The Rest Of iKON Does NOT Want To Do It

Oh, the humiliation!

An appearance on Suhyun’s Raise The Volume radio program got iKON talking about their first win for “Killing Me” on M! Countdown. 

“We were thrilled to have won first place. We were thankful to have won the prize because we worked ourselves to death.”

– iKON


Now that they have won first place, the members have jokingly confessed about not doing B.I’s first place promise at all. 


In a previous interview, B.I promised fans that they would do a performance with an “apple” hairstyle if they won first place, but it seems like the members are not keen on the challenge at all. 

“He made that promise on his own. He can do all seven apple styles himself.”



The success of their comeback track has not only led them to their first win but also a challenge that has gone really popular online. 

iKON’s #Killing_Me_Challenge Is Definitely Happening And You Need To Get On Board


Congratulations, iKON! We’re waiting for that “apple hair” performance no matter what… 


Source: OSEN