“Infinite Challenge” to take legal action against similar Chinese variety shows

MBC has announced that legal action will be taken against Chinese variety shows that have copied Infinite Challenge without permission.

This news came after MBC and China’s CCTV1 announced a partnership to produce an official Chinese version of the popular show. CCTV1’s deputy editor-in-chief commented, “Infinite Challenge reaches out to different sectors of the general public and is an excellent show that showcases the different sides of Chinese and Korean culture.

He also added, “In terms of creativity, the shows that have imitated Infinite Challenge simply cannot be compared to the original show, and they will not be able to compete with the Chinese version of the show produced by CCTV1.”

Along the same line, MBC stated that the Chinese variety shows have caused a confusion in the market as well as damage to the original show’s reputation. Therefore, it will take legal action against such shows.

The official Chinese version of Infinite Challenge will air its first episode on October 25th.

Source: Sina