INFINITE releases their full music video for new track “The Eye”

After a week of teasing fans of their newest comeback track, INFINITE has finally released their music video for the song, “The Eye”!

On September 18th, Woollim Entertainment released the full music video for powerful vocal and dance group, INFINITE, onto their official Youtube channel.

The music video, which only falls three seconds short of a whopping five minutes, contains somewhat of an eerie vibe that is encased in gloom and sadness. The plot of the music video seems to circulate around member L, who is first seen sadly, yet mindlessly gazing into a dark, empty alley with patches of blood and scraped skin along his bruised face.

He is then seen falling to the ground in pain where flashbacks begin consuming his thoughts and then the rest of the INFINITE members appear.

Many fans have concluded that they have already deciphered the video’s plot. However, other netizens and fans are searching for deeper meanings.

Take a look and watch for yourself to see what the music video depicts!