INFINITE’s Sunggyu Had The Most Savage Response For Actor Kim Min Seok Who Forgot His Birthday

When a close friend forgets your birthday, channel THIS Sunggyu in your response to them!

Actor Kim Min Seok forgot INFINITE Sunggyu‘s birthday, and he had something to say about it!

Sunggyu celebrated his birthday on April 28, and all INSPIRITs poured in with their birthday wishes for him!

He soon put up a post on Instagram, thanking everyone who wished him a happy birthday!

Everyone, it’s Sunggyu. Have you all been doing well? Today is my birthday so I wanted to say thank you to all those who wished me a happy birthday.

I will see you soon. Bye bye!


He also added his thanks in the caption as well, saying:

Thank you for the birthday wishes, see you soon


His close friend and ex-Woollim Entertainment labelmate Kim Min Seok then commented on his post, saying he forgot to call and wish him, and Sunggyu had the perfect, most hilarious response to his friend!

Kim Min Seok: “Shoot, I forgot. ;;;;;”

Sunggyu: “Are you even human?”


Kim Min Seok then asked him if he remembered his birthday, to which Sunggyu savagely just didn’t respond to!

Kim Min Seok: “Um do you even know my birthday?”

In order to redeem himself, Kim Min Seok then invited Sunggyu out for a meal, but Sunggyu wasn’t having it!

Kim Min Seok: “Let’s eat something delicious, my treat. What are you doing tomorrow??”

Sunggyu: “I’m busy ——


The two have been friends ever since they were both artists under Woollim Entertainment, and were labelmates until Kim Min Seok signed with a different agency in November 2017.


Sunggyu’s contract with Woollim Entertainment also came to an end recently, and he parted ways with the company on March 6, 2021.

It’s great to see that the two are still close!