Infinite’s Dongwoo harassed by phone calls during his V-App live stream

Infinite’s Dongwoo is a pro when it comes to handling difficult situations.

On September 17, Dongwoo was hosting a live stream on Naver about the V app. The V app was doing a special on Infinite in time for their September 19th comeback.

Dongwoo was showing the viewers a bit of his personal life by showing his adorable niece. As he happily flips through pictures of his niece on his phone, he became surprised. Dongwoo noticed that there was an incoming call and shows the camera of the fan calling him and attempting to interrupt his live stream. The phone call was from a sasaeng fan but Dongwoo calmly stated that the phonecall was from an INSPIRIT and continued showing the viewers his soft spot for his tiny, aeygo-ing niece.

Infinite has been busily preparing for their comeback on September 19th after releasing a series of individual member teasers. Their newest album will be titled “INFINITE ONLY” which will include a mesmerizing track called, “The Eye”.

Check out the pictures of the incident below!

DongWoo's Surprising Interuption

Source: Instiz