INFINITE’s Sunggyu Thanks Fans For Waiting For Him While In The Military

Congrats to Sunggyu!

On January 8, INFINITE’s Sunggyu was officially discharged from the military. He enlisted in May of 2018 and has finally returned to his fans after almost two years of military service.




He held a mini fan meeting at the Goseong Gymnasium and reunited with his fans. The fan meeting was originally supposed to be held at a nearby elementary school, but was relocated due to the rain. Around 1,300 fans gathered together to congratulate him on his military discharge.

Fans rented several buses to travel to Goseong and meet with Sunggyu. Woollim Entertainment and Sunggyu prepared hot drinks and snacks to thank fans for coming such a long way to see him.



Sunggyu seemed to be in a good mood and revealed how happy he was. “I can’t believe I am finally being discharged. I am so happy.” He also stated, “It was tough not being able to see the people I missed. But the military also allowed me to take the time to think about a lot of things.”

Sunggyu will be jumping right back to work after his discharge. He has confirmed to be on the new MBC TV Show Kkiri Kkiri and will also be making an appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros. He revealed, “I think I’m going to miss a lot of the people from the military.” He also expressed his happiness in going back to work in his field. “I want to go back to my profession and sing my songs. I don’t know what to talk about even though I will be doing many different things soon. Please support and keep a look out for me.”



Sunggyu is the first member of INFINITE to complete his mandatory military service. He revealed that member Seongyeol was jealous that he completed his service. “Seongyeol was jealopus of my discharge. I hope that all our members can complete their services in a healthy way. Fighting, Seongyeol!”

He concluded by thanking fans for their patience and waiting for him these past two years. “I am truly thankful to the fans. I would like to repay the fans that never had a change of heart and waited for me all this time. I want to make sure they don’t regret the time they waited for me.”



Congrats to Sunggyu!

Source: daum