Here’s Everything About The Tragic Inha University Rape And Death Case So Far

Here’s what happened so far.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

South Korea was recently shaken by a tragic death of a female student at Inha University. She was found by passers-by on the ground, bleeding, while her underwear and pants lay a few feet from her body. While many were quick to assume that it was a rape-and-murder case, the police undertook an investigation on July 15, 2022.

The female student was found on July 15, 2022, intoxicated and bleeding from her head. She was in a state of cardiac arrest and died three hours after being taken to the hospital around 7 am. It was reported that she had been found around 3.49 am on the same day while the attack took place around 1 am.

The culprit being arrested. | News1

A male student in his 20s was arrested on charges of rape and murder on 2pm that very day. He had abandoned his cell phone on site after fleeing. It was reported that the pair had been drinking together. He later tried to rape her while she was intoxicated, resulting in a tussle. After which, she fell from the third floor in a struggle. The police are still investigating if the male student had pushed her deliberately or if the fall was an accident that took place during the struggle.

Funeral service for the victim. | News1

As for the university, Inha University will be taking safety measures with regard to sexual assault cases of female students on campus. This includes upping the ante on security as well as providing counseling and therapy. More CCTVs will be installed in addition to the 800 existing ones and emergency bells will also be installed in women’s toilets. A new reinforced entry system based on student ID cards will be set up.

It was announced that the male student would be dealt with accordingly after the results of the investigations are released. The school may either expel or punish him depending on the results.

Source: News1