Injunction Against The Broadcast Of K-Drama “Snowdrop” Dismissed

It will continue to air.

The K-Drama Snowdrop has been in hot soup with South Koreans ever since the synopsis was launched pre-filming. After its premiere, dissent continued and a petition was even launched to stop the show from broadcasting.

However, on December 29, 2021, a court dismissed an injunction request to remove the show from air. The Seoul Western District Court ruled that the show is not likely to mislead the viewers about the country’s history.

Snowdrop previously came under harsh criticism for fear that it would lead viewers to have misconceptions about the National Security Agency (NSA). It was accused of highly romanticizing the NSA and their misdeeds. The court claimed that even if it is based on a distorted historical viewpoint as claimed by the complaint, it is difficult to believe that viewers will blindly accept it as facts.

The complaint was filed by a civic group on behalf of the general public. However, the court ruled that the group did not have entitlement to seek an injunction on behalf of the general public.

Snowdrop will continue to air thus far. Stay tuned for more news on the show.

Source: Korea Times