“Inkigayo” to hold recording sessions privately due to MERS outbreak

In light of the recent MERS outbreak in South Korea, SBS Inkigayo has put up preventive measures to protect their artists, staff members and fans. 

According to Inkigayo on June 12th, it was decided that the recording session scheduled on June 14th will be held private. Due to the recent outbreak, the decision was considered in order to prevent the spread of the disease at the venue.

It was stated that as fans are normally present as audience members during recordngs, even those with reserved tickers will not be allowed to enter. No other audience members will be allowed to participate.

Inkigayo will be one of the many production teams to have put up necessary measures to ensure that the potential spread of disease is prevented. So far, eleven confirmed deaths related to the disease have been reported with the country closing its second hospital for quarantine.

Source: OSEN