Insiders Reveal “Produce 101” Series Manipulation Involving NU’EST, Pledis Entertainment, UP10TION, and CJENM

NU’EST, Kim Wooseok, and Lee Jinhyuk were all victims here.

Insiders have revealed more specific details on how the Produce 101 series has been rigged from the beginning, including preferential treatment on songs and manipulation of final rankings.

Police have discovered that out of the 45 total members who debuted in I.O.I, Wanna One, IZ*ONE, and X1, at least 24 of the positions were rigged.

In the beginning, Ahn Joon Young PD wanted to limit the number of trainees a company could send to a maximum of 2, but he ultimately allowed more trainees from agencies he liked, or that provided him services. Certain agencies were provided the songs such as “Pick Me”, 네꺼야”, “나야나”, and “_지마” in advance, and were allowed to pick mission songs that would favor their trainees.

One insider revealed that another member of NU’EST was supposed to be part of Wanna One’s debut lineup, but even Pledis Entertainment was in on the rigging.

Didn’t four members of NU’EST appear on Season 2?

Another member “B” also made it into the Top 11 but was removed in consideration of NU’EST’s promotions.

Rather than just Ahn Joon Young PD making the decision, I know that their agency discussed it with CJENM.

— Insider

While Mnet has stated that they would release a statement detailing their action plan, internal reports within the company reveal that no one wants to actually take any responsibility for the events.

Another insider has stated that X1’s future promotions are not possible, and mentioned how UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk was supposed to be in X1, among other details.

CJ has decided that X1’s promotions from now on are not possible, and has given the agencies their suggestions on how to proceed.

The original center of X1 was supposed to be “C” (Kim Wooseok) and member “D” (Lee Jinhyuk) from the same group was also in the Top 11 after voting, but was forced out of the lineup.

There was no case where Mnet would let a trainee who already debuted take the Number 1 center spot.

— Insider


Source: Newsis