Fans Furious With DJ For Falsely Claiming “Retro Group INFINITE Has Disbanded”

His statement came after a listener requested an INFINITE song.

During a recent Seo In’s Tea House radio show on Korean 95.9FM, the DJ Seo In mentioned INFINITE as a “disbanded boy group” and fans are furious about the mistake.

“Seo In’s Tea House MBC Radio 3AM – 4:55AM”


When a listener requested INFINITE’s “Lately” for the listener’s daughter who is a fan, the DJ commented that the daughter is “stanning a disbanded group”.

Oh… Still an INFINITE fan, I see. They’re disbanded though, so they’re not promoting anymore. But they left us some good songs. There are tracks I still listen to. ‘Be Mine’ is one of my favorites. That one is still pretty popular here at the studio too. It’s kind of retro, you know. It’s an oldie.

— Seo In


This entire commentary upset INFINITE fans, INSPIRITs, not only because the statement is false — with the leader Sunggyu recently being discharged from the military and returning to the team…


… but also because they believe it is rude to say about any disbanded group at all.

Um, what the f*ck? And even if this was about an actually disbanded group, what does he mean by ‘Oh, you’re still a fan.’ Do fans need to stop supporting a group when they disband? This is ridiculous.

— Fan


After the show aired, INSPIRITs requested an apology from the DJ by leaving complaints on the radio show’s bulletin board.

  • “INFINITE is not a disbanded group.”
  • “Please correct and apologize the wrong information you aired.”
  • “INFINITE did not disband.”
  • “This makes me so upset.”
  • “We request a sincere apology from the Tea House production team and DJ.”


When some INSPIRITs found the DJ’s Instagram and left comments requesting that he apologizes for his mistake, he responded in utter shock as well:

You’re right, I must have been out of my mind. I am sorry. I promise I will apologize and correct myself when I’m back on air.

— Seo In


In fact, back in 2018, DJ Seo In snapped a picture with Sunggyu at the ISAC and called him “INFINITE’s Sunggyu” in the caption.

Athlete Yoon Sung Bin won a gold medal for skeleton for the first time in Asia today. I was the commentator for ISAC’s bowling games. Happy New Year everyone. Here’s INFINITE’s Sunggyu who is such a nice guy.

— Seo In


With that said, INSPIRITs patiently await DJ Seo In’s next broadcast in which he promised to apologize for his false claim — as well as INFINITE’s return.

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Source: THEQOO (1) and (2) and Instagram