International Fans Jump To Defend Kang Daniel Against Haters Bashing Him For His “Poor English”

Kang Daniel is getting some hate… but a whole lot of love.

A Korean netizen took to an online community to chastize the fans who have been criticizing Kang Daniel‘s English spelling mistakes when he interacts with international fans.

It seems that fans on Wanna One‘s fancafe have been criticizing his English since he spent time in Canada.


In a recent Twitter post, Kang Daniel’s update read, “Dokyo. Haaaiiittt!!” and then he later realized his mistake and added, “Oopsss it’s supposed to be with a T for Tokyo. Sorryyy~”


The OP defended his mistake to those criticizing by reminding fans that he never studied in Canada, and that international fans love it!

“I find it funny that people are bashing him for making typos in English. First of all, he never studied in Canada, he just went for vacation. This is a fact that fans are already aware of. He even said that he learned English by himself by watching movies.” — OP


On a recent live broadcast an international fan asked “aren’t you scared to be in the hotel room alone?” and he replied, “I’m not scared, really.


And foreign fans couldn’t get enough of his English!


The OP reminded Korean netizens that even though international fans know he makes mistakes, they forgive him and even love him even more for his effort.

“Even overseas fans know Daniel is sometimes wrong, but they love it when he speaks English. Though his English is not perfect, they are very thankful that he tries to connect with them. Idols are poor at speaking foreign languages for their fans. If a person makes an effort, do not criticize them for making grammar mistakes from time to time. I want you to realize that criticizing is so pathetic and childish when seen from the outside.Please, everybody, let’s do something about it.” — OP


Replies are echoing the sentiment that Kang Daniel should be supported in his English efforts.

  • “He uses English so the foreign fans won’t feel alienated and is working hard so I really like that. I understand that he doesn’t sound perfect like a native but he understand the meaning and the thought so that’s enough. I don’t understand why you guys who aren’t even his foreign fans, nor his fan making a fuss about his Englishㅋㅋ the foreign fans like seeing that he’s working hard using English that he learned himself so who cares if he makes mistakes or notㅋㅋ sighㅋㅋ.”
  • “During the Japanese concertㅋㅋ when he was at the concert, he learned a bit of Japanese and was trying hard to speak itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I just felt that he was cute so I bet that the foreign fans found him even cuterㅋㅋㅋㅋ the foreign fans all like this hard working side of him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ also, Daniel got hate for writing ‘Dokyo’ but the day before, he wrote ‘Tokyo’! He just made a mistake and fixed it right away.”
  • “Actually, he wants to say a lot but can’t so Kang Daniel is trying hard to study English so he can communicate with the foreign fans. Looks like he’s doing well since he’s answering in English”
  • “The people who are cursing at him for his spelling mistake in the official fancafe are all akgaes. Just look at you guys for this whole year, Daniel did nothing wrong so why are you guys like this?”
  • “Swearing at the members of the same group and uploading these information in their fancafe that are supposed to be kept within the fancafe… akgaes-ah, get in your right minds. If you hate him, don’t look at him, why would you purposely look for him and hate on him? Don’t you get a reality check when you’re writing hate comments on a celebrity who’s just working hard behind your screens?”


And seeing that his live broadcast was the top trending on the application, Kang Daniel is clearly not short of supporters!