Irene Terrified When Unexpected Guest Comes To Her Fansign

She saw the black figure approach her and…!

Red Velvet‘s Irene looked terrified after a masked person came up to her and asked for a signature.

This incident happened at her solo fan-signing event, as Columbiana‘s new model.


It turns out, it was just a fan wearing a No-Face (Kaonashi) costume from “Spirited Away”!


Not only did the fan come dressed up, but they also gave her “gold” coins, which is what No-Face used to give to everyone in the movie.


Although she had fun laughing at the fan’s unique gesture, she revealed “it was a bit… scary…”


There was even a second No-Face at the event too! But.. it turned out that they were actually friends and co-ordinated their costumes together!


All in a day’s work for the beautiful model for Columbiana~.


Watch Irene’s terrified reaction below:

Source: Nate Pann