ITZY’s Yeji Shares How Much She Missed Her Members While Preparing For A Solo Dance Performance

You can tell just how much she loves her fellow ITZY members!

ITZY‘s Yeji shared how lonely and stressed she felt without her members for her first solo performance since her debut!

Yeji was announced to be Studio CHOOM‘s featured artist of the month for March, and the little featured interview they released also had clips of her much-anticipated solo choreography, showing Yeji absolutely own the dance routine as usual!

While talking about her soon-to-be-released dance project, Yeji opened up about how difficult it was to shoot a dance routine of over 2 minutes long without her beloved members!

I feel a bit dreamlike. Can I do this well? Filling over 2 minutes and 30 seconds without my members is not easy, which I know already. So I worried a lot.


Yeji also addressed the pressure she felt from the high expectations of her as ITZY’s main dancer, and also talked about how she feels when she’s performing on stage!

Since people have high expectations, I prepared a lot to meet their expectations. By going up on the stage, I feel extremely happy. I also feel very loved. It’s a moment that I feel many different emotions. I’m so happy.


You can watch Yeji talk about it here!