Comments Made By ITZY Yuna’s Former Classmates Show Her True Character

They only had good things to say.

Comments left by former elementary school classmates of ITZY‘s Yuna have been resurfacing after ITZY’s successful debut.


Yuna’s elementary school website has a section called “Let’s Give Compliments” where students can compliment each other. Fans have uncovered a section from 2014 where the former classmates of Yuna left numerous positive comments about her.

“She always has a bright expression and gets along well with her classmates. She also teaches me math which I can’t understand.”

“She draws well and studies hard too.”

“She’s filled with confidence.”

“She’s very athletic, gets along well with her classmates, has leadership and always stays by her friends’ side during difficulties. She’s also always bright.”

“She speaks well and always helps me.”

“Let’s compliment Shin Yuna uhnni from Class 5-2 because she always greets people and is very friendly. She also studies hard and is active. She’s also very considerate. Therefore, I compliment Shin Yuna uhnni.”

“She plays floorball diligently and well, and always greets people with a smile on her face.”


It appears that not only was she beautiful on the outside, but she was beautiful on the inside as well and everyone noticed it!


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Source: Dispatch