ITZY’s Yuna Shares The Hilarious But Cute Reason Behind Why She Thinks MIDZYs Are “Zero-Won”

Yuna shared what MIDZY really means to her!

In a last-minute change to one of her answers, ITZY‘s Yuna ended up sharing a hilarious reason as to why MIDZYs are truly one of a kind!

ITZY participated in a special interview with Singles magazine, where they were given a word, and they had to come up with non-overlapping sentences or key-point moves to describe them! Vague answers or overlapped ones would receive a penalty, which was a sticker! The member with the most stickers would be the ending fairy of the interview!

One of the keywords given to them was “MIDZY”, and Yuna confidently called them her “eternity”!

After getting called out by Ryujin for cringing at her answer, Yuna decided to change it to a pun, and instead of MIDZYs being her “eternity” ( 영원, “yeong-won”), they now became 0-won (0-원, “yeong-won”)!

I did 0-Won!


She then hurriedly explained, with a sheepish smile, why MIDZYs were 0-won to her!

Have you ever seen zero won in real money? Never. So, it means they are the only ones in the world!


After her response, all the members unanimously chose Yuna to be the receiver of the penalty for the round!

Yuna has truly conveyed how MIDZYs are unique and lovable to her!

You can watch this here!