ITZY’s Yuna Wouldn’t Stop Poking Fun At Fans Who Wanted A Bite Of Her Bingsoo And It Was Adorable

It was all in good fun!

ITZY has made their comeback with the lead single “Icy” and the members promised fans that if they got a music show win, they would celebrate with an “icy” treat.

ITZY promised their fans MIDZY that when they won their first music show, they would celebrate by eating bingsoo during the encore stage.

When ITZY won their first music show for their first comeback, they were so startled that they forgot about the bingsoo deal that they made.

Thankfully, ITZY remembered their promise to their fans when they garnered their next music show win at M Countdown.

While celebrating this incredible achievement, the ITZY members were overjoyed when they saw that they were actually going to enjoy some bingsoo.

After a successful performance, the girls couldn’t wait to celebrate with some Korean shaved ice during the encore stage.

The maknae Yuna had the honor of feeding the other members with bingsoo.

Yet, when she noticed that there were several in the audience who really wanted a taste of the bingsoo, Yuna offered a spoonful of bingsoo.

Only to then eat the bingsoo herself.

Meanwhile, Ryujin also noticed that some of the audience members really wanted to eat some shaved ice.

Ryujin noticeably looked regretful that she couldn’t share the shaved ice with the fans.

Yuna offered Ryujin some bingsoo, but Ryujin indicated that she didn’t want to eat in front of the fans.

In response, Yuna shamelessly ate the spoonful of bingsoo, while making eye contact with the audience.

This caused Ryujin to burst out laughing, as well as many of the fans, who all knew that this was in good fun.

Yuna also showed her gratitude to the fans, showing that she was joking around with the audience.

Many praised Yuna’s bright smile and her mischievous energy, which definitely gave the fans a lot of cheer, even if they weren’t able to have any bingsoo!

Although Yuna had to hold onto a bowl of bingsoo for the rest of the encore stage, she still managed to energetically perform and sing her verses for “Icy”.

Even when she and the other members were enjoying their reward for their hard work, they were still dedicated to promoting and performing their song in front of their fans, showing that this was a celebration for ITZY and their fans.

Fans are hopeful that there will be more opportunities for ITZY to enjoy some shaved ice, even if it means they have to watch them finish it.