IU Adorably Supports Her Old Friend T-ARA Jiyeon’s Comeback

We stan a queen supporting a queen!

IU is the cutest best friend!

On December 26, T-ARA‘s Jiyeon made her much awaited comeback with second solo mini album SENPASS, and title track “Take A Hike”.


The night of its release, IU took to Instagram to share her love and support for Jiyeon! Sharing a picture of the official release, IU referenced the lyrics from “Take A Hike” in the caption, and said that Jiyeon is cool!


Going over the map you’ve made. Park Ji Ddong [a nickname for her] is very cool.

#TakeAHike #Jiyeon #PleasewatchtheMVaswellitsthebest



Jiyeon soon responded to the post herself, with as much love as IU showed her!


Save your internet data. Do well and come back home safely, kid.



Fans have been excited for Jiyeon’s comeback, but were also worried about her because issues regarding her company not allowing her to promote arose. Fans have been very grateful for IU’s support, and love their pure and long-lasting friendship!


T-ARA debuted on July 30, 2009 with the single “Lies”. They enjoyed considerable success as a group, but ran into a controversy with member Hwayoung, who netizens believe the rest of the members bullied. Jiyeon got a lot of hate regarding the situation, but fans are extremely grateful for friends like IU who stuck by her no matter what public perception of her friend was like.


Jiyeon made her comeback with “Take A Hike”.

Watch the MV here!