IU Casually Hits The High Notes From “Frozen 2” As A Warm Up, And Warmly Comforts Her Fans At The Same Time

And it was all in one, heartwarming concert!

Everybody already knew about IU‘s immense talent, but every time she sings, its constantly hits anew, again and again!

On December 6, IU was in Singapore for her Love Poem concert in the country. She was welcomed by a sold-out show and rows of screaming fans, and they spent three and a half hours together, with two rounds of encores!


During the concert, IU took fan requests for songs to sing from the audience, and one of the requests was for her song, “Knees”. IU, doubtful if she could make the falsetto required, decided to practice and warm her voice up for the challenging song…by singing another challenging song!


She sang a few (but very high) notes from Frozen 2, and had fans screaming in awe! The notes are from the voice that Elsa hears from far away, and fans were shook about IU being completely blasé about it!


Along with her beautiful voice, fans were also extremely taken by her beautiful personality! There were a lot of heartfelt moments in the concert, such as IU doing her best to communicate with her fans in English…


…asking an elderly uncle fan (who tagged along to the concert because the rest of his family wanted to go) to promise her that he would come see her again next year…


…but fans were moved to tears when she ended the concert by comforting her fans, and making them promise to keep going when the going gets tough, and to meet her again when she returns next year!


When things get tough, and you want to end it all, I hope you remember our promise to meet here again next year.

You can breathe slowly, and next year will come before you know it.

You have to keep this promise, okay? I’ll keep this promise too.



IU was known to be close friends with both Sulli and Goo Hara, both of whom she tragically lost earlier this year. Fans have been concerned about her well-being, and she reassuringly repaid all their love with her own, and ended the very successful concert with nothing but happiness and love, ten-fold.