IU Dominates MelOn Weekly Chart With Both New And Old Releases

She’s one of the few artists to do so!

Following the release of her new album LILAC, IU has been dominating Korean music charts with songs that span through her whole career!

| EDAM Entertainment

LILAC was released on March 25 and to this day all 10 of its tracks have been charting on music streaming service MelOn. The title track “LILAC” rose to first place on the MelOn Weekly Chart, making it her 24th song to ever reach the top spot on the chart.

However, those aren’t her only songs charting: 6 of her older songs have been consistently on the charts since the release of LILAC!

Her first self-written song, “Hold My Hand,” which was released in 2011, made it as far up as 6th place on MelOn!

The other older songs are her 2014 collaboration with HIGH4 “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms,” “Blueming” and “Love Poem” (2019), “Give You My Heart” and “Eight” featuring BTS’ Suga (2020).

It’s obviously very common for artists’ new songs to chart following a release, but IU’s consistency and range has been unmatched. She is one of the few artists whose full album–along with much older tracks–chart for this long.

In a report by The Korea Times, music critic Jung Min Jae said that “IU is almost the only singer whose album the public listens to entirely upon release and picks their favorites. Listeners who are teenagers and in their 20s probably also played a big role in this phenomenon as they have grown up listening to IU’s music for almost a decade.”

Source: Korea Times