IU Makes Another Large Generous Donation For The Fifth Time To The Fight Against Coronavirus

This is her 5th time donating.

IU had donated 200 million won (~$170,000 USD) to non-profit organizations that are currently fighting the coronavirus pandemic, and she decided that it wasn’t enough. She’s decided to make her 5th donation so far to the cause.

IU recently made an additional donation of 20 million won (~$17,000 USD) to welfare facilities in Yangpyeong for infants, as well as 15 million won (~$13,000 USD) to facilities for adults and children with disabilities.

Her total donation amount for the fight against the coronavirus and COVID-19 has amounted to 315 million won (~$265,000 USD) so far.

Workers in Yangpyeong disinfecting for the coronavirus.

Back in February, IU donated 3,000 medical protective wear that cost around 100 million won (~$84,000 USD), as well as another 100 million won to an NGO.

At the time, her agency explained that she wanted to help those who are not able to afford the necessary care for treatments and prevention against the virus.

IU decided to make a donation in hopes of preventing the spread of the disease by protecting low-income and vulnerable communities.

She hopes that through her donation, families will be able to purchase face masks and hand sanitizers so that they can overcome the corona pandemic and help their children grow healthy.

— IU’s Agency

Soon following her initial donation, IU donated 30 million (~$25,000 USD) to her local neighborhood, 30 million won to Gwacheon city, and 20 million to Yangpyeong.

Through her generous donations, IU continued to prove time and time again that she will never stray from giving back to the society to help those in need.

Source: Newsen