IU Reveals Her New Goal That She Wants To Fulfill With Her Fans In 2020

Queen always has her loyal fans in mind!

IU recently held an interview with HIGHCUT Magazine for an exclusive pictorial as she greeted everyone for a “Merry Pink Christmas with IU“!


During the interview, she looked back on all that she achieved in 2019. She revealed she was lucky to have found success as an actress and singer all in one year.

Surprisingly, everything that I had hoped for this year came true. The drama Hotel del Luna received a lot of love, and the album I was preparing for a long time safely debuted into the world. I was also able to successfully finish big performance concerts.

It was an amazing year where I was rewarded for all of the work I put in.

— IU


When asked what she looks forward to next year, she revealed that her goal is to become closer to her fans, UAENA! She referred to her fans not as fans, but her “good friends“!

I want to become a better friend to all of my good friends. I hope we can get along well next year too.

— IU


Ever the queen of loving her fans, IU repeatedly showed her undying love for her UAENAs. She always makes sure every single fan is taken care of and makes sure to return the overwhelming love she receives from her fans!


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Source: Sports Donga