IU Permanently Banned Scalpers From Her Official Fanclub

IU’s agency will NOT tolerate illegal ticketing.

IU banned official fan club members after they have violated their policy on ticket purchasing for her concert. 


Kakao M issued a statement on her official fan cafe as they identified 17 fan club members illegally selling tickets. They also faced permanent expulsion from the site.


It was through fellow fans actively reporting the fraudulent ticket transactions that IU’s management was able to act on it in the first place. They have, then, promised to keep them updated of the ongoing issue. 


The tickets were for the final stop of IU’s 10th anniversary tour in Jeju Island.


This is not the first time that an agency acted through fraudulent ticket purchasing. In 2016, YG Entertainment seized tickets from at least 20 reported cases of scalping during BIGBANG’s concert. 


Equally, fellow fans are happy that management are taking a big step in ensuring tickets are being sold to fans appropriately. 


The full statement is below:

“The 12 reservations were cancelled after confirming the reservation and the person’s infomation.

The people involved in selling and buying scalped tickets (17 people) have been permanently banned from IU’s official fanclub.

– In regards to the 17 people from IU’s 2nd Class of Official Fanclub members who were confirmed to have been involved with selling and buying scalped tickets.

1) Permanently banned from IU’s official fanclub,

2) We plan on banning their MelOn ticket ID for 1 year.

* Process of permanently banning the listed members, and banning their MelOn ID for 1 year – Banned from participating starting from basic reservations

*Even if the transaction of scalped tickets did not fully process

1) situations where an attempt was made and confirmed
2) if the seller was verified as the fanclub 2nd class member, we considered them as candidates for banning.

*Should anyone wish to protest their banned membership, please contact (email) with evidential proof.

*The members who were banned from the transaction of scalped tickets for the Jeju performance will not be refunded their membership fee.

3. Plans regarding responding to the sources and transferring information

– The transfer of seats from fans’ source will require the correct reservation information, so the reservation will be possible if the reservation was made during the process. (Even if you had sent the correct information, it will be difficult to transfer the seat if the initial reservation was cancelled by the person who initially made the reservation.)

– Among the fans who gave us information regarding the scalped tickets mentioned above, 1st priority) fans who gave the most correct information of the buyer (reservation number/seat number preferred), 2nd priority) fans who reported the fastest will be transferred the available seats. As the transfer will be processed at regular price, any transferred occurred from fan reports cannot be changed or refunded.

– As there are many overlapping reports, we will choose the transfer-accessible fans and announce the transfer process through mail by December 14 (Friday). If you dont receive any mail by December 14 (Friday), the tickets were transferred to another fan, we hope you understand that we will not be able to release any information regarding the information source and or the transfer.”

— Kakao M

Source: IU\\\'s Daum