IU Remains Loyal to Her Agency and Renews Her Contract

She’s not going anywhere.

The nation’s younger sister in IU has confirmed that she will not become a free agent any time soon, renewing her contract with Kakao M, which used to be known as LOEN Entertainment.


A representative from Kakao M confirmed the good news earlier on July 18.

“IU recently renewed her contract with us. She will be working with Kakao M as one of our exclusive artists.”

— Kakao M 


In the recent months, IU had been in discussions with Kakao M over the expiration of her contract. While she still had several months until her contract officially expired, she decided to expedite the renewal process and maintain her loyalty to the company, where she has spent more than 10 years.


Kakao M also elaborated on their future plans to support IU.

We are very glad to maintain our longstanding partnership with IU. We will continue to give our full physical and emotional support so IU can continue to promote as a great singer and an actress.”

— Kakao M 

Source: Newsen