IU Reveals She Is One of Kang Ho Dong’s 101 Variety Show Victims

She made him regret the way he treated her.

If you watch Knowing Brothers, you’ll know that many guests have claimed to be part of Kang Ho Dong‘s “101 Victims” from his past.

Some of them include Super Junior‘s Yesung, 2PM‘s Junho, GOT7‘s Jackson, and even Haha!


IU shared on a recent episode of Knowing Brothers that she also struggled on a variety show with Kang Ho Dong during her rookie days.

“During my 17-year old, rookie days I went on a program that Kang Ho Dong MCed, but during that 10-hour filming, he didn’t speak one word to me.”

— IU

IU revealed that she went home as soon as the recording ended and resolved to become a big star.


After the song “Good Day” came out and propelled her career into superstardom she confessed, “Kang Ho Dong treated me way better.”

Source: Dispatch