IVE’s Wonyoung Parodies Actress Jun Ji Hyun’s Legendary Commercial From The 90s, And It’s Spot On

She killed it!

As a veteran actress, Jun Ji Hyun has starred in numerous K-Dramas, movies, and commercials that are still remembered today.

Jun Ji Hyun | Burberry

And one that has reached legendary status is her Samsung “My Jet” printer CF, which was released in 1999! The Legend Of The Blue Sea actress was all smiles as she danced and swung her arms gracefully.

Over two decades later, in collaboration with KBS for their 2022 Song Festival, K-Pop’s “It Girl” Wonyoung recreated the commercial.

Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

The IVE member looked stunning in two outfits that matched Jun Ji Hyun’s—an all-white and all-black one. The staff were able to accurately capture not only the set but also the entire vibe of the commercial.

Everything was spot on, from the intro…

…to the dancing…

…and to the end with the pictures.

Both women looked beautiful, and their equally high energy made it a joy to watch them! Meanwhile, check out the full videos below.

Jun Ji Hyun



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