Former IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Finally Covers NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” And It’s All We Ever Wanted

She’s our Hype Girl!

IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon has always been known for her dancing. In fact, she is so good at it that she gained the nickname “feather,” because she is so light on her feet.

Although she’s always in the practice rooms, she rarely posts dance videos. On September 7, 2022, she finally posted a dance cover for fans on Instagram. Of course, she had to cover the trending “Hype Boy” dance challenge by NewJeans. She rocked the cover right from the first beat.

Chaeyeon dancing to “Hype Boy”. | @chaestival_/Instagram

She pulled off the movements with ease.

Chaeyeon dancing to “Hype Boy”. | @chaestival_/Instagram

It’s easy to make the dance look flimsy but Chaeyeon does it perfectly.

Chaeyeon dancing to “Hype Boy”. | @chaestival_/Instagram

She even caught the small hip movements and double-steps.

Chaeyeon dancing to “Hype Boy”. | @chaestival_/Instagram

We’ve sure missed her dancing!

Chaeyeon dancing to “Hype Boy”. | @chaestival_/Instagram

Netizens were amazed at her skills. She made everything look so effortless and breezy.

Netizen response to Chaeyeon dancing. | theqoo
  • “How can a human look not the least bit heavy while dancing? Her body is like a feather.”
  • “Wow she dances like she has no bones”
  • “Wow she’s really light… But so, did she leave WM? How did things go after the discussion?”
  • “She’s shaking her body like that but she looks so light brrr”
  • “Wow, she’s really good at dancing.”
  • “I hope she covers ‘Attention’ too… Her dance lines are so refreshing that I think she’ll dance that well too.”

She uploaded the cover with the caption, “A video that will go down within the week.” Make sure you watch it before she deletes it!

Source: theqoo