IZ*ONE Draws Attention Online by Proceeding With Fan Signing Despite the Coronavirus Outbreak

Fans couldn’t help but feel worried about their well-being.

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in Korea, many idols are canceling their fan meetings, so IZ*ONE naturally gained considerable attention online by proceeding with theirs as planned with masks on.

In order to stay protected from germs and bacteria, the IZ*ONE members attended their fan meeting wearing masks.

But the masks failed to hide the members’ radiant beauty.

The IZ*ONE members made sure to give tons of fan service to the fans that traveled far and wide to see them while also taking the appropriate measures to stay safe.

What gained particular attention in addition to the fact that they proceeded with their fan meeting as planned, are the photos that were snapped of the members looking cheerful and chic.

They made up for the lack of contact they made as a precaution by making cute gestures for the cameras, and the masks definitely added a unique touch to the photos.

Although fans are worried that the members might have been at risk, it’s also admirable to see just how much love IZ*ONE has for their fans.

Some of the comments from fans include, “I hope they can cancel their other upcoming schedules so they can stay safe” and “I’m glad all the fans and artists wore masks for the meeting“.

Check out some more photo of IZ*ONE in masks below:

Source: Insight