Years After “Produce 48”, Here’s The IZ*ONE Member That EVERGLOW’s Yiren Still Keeps In Contact With

They’re still close friends!

Before debuting as EVERGLOW‘s leader and maknae respectively, Sihyeon and Yiren participated in Produce 48, the survival show which formed the hugely successful IZ*ONE!

Yiren in Produce 48 | Mnet
Sihyeon in Produce 48 | Mnet

And in a recent #AskMeAnything session on Reddit, the 2 members were asked to name other trainees or idols that they’re still close to from their Produce 48 days!

Who do Yiren and Sihyeon still keep in contact with from Produce 48?

Yiren revealed that even after all this time, she still keeps in touch with IZ*ONE’s former leader and current soloist, Kwon Eunbi!

I stay in contact with Eunbi unnie.


Fans are totally hoping for a collab one day!

Eunbi | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Until then, you can check out EVERGLOW’s latest comeback, “Pirate” here!

Source: Reddit