IZ*ONE Members All Burst Into Tears At Their Concert And Fans Are Crying With Them

We’re crying.

IZ*ONE just embarked on their tour around Asia, starting with Seoul, Korea. The two days of concerts in Seoul have been successful and a blessing for both the members and their fans. And when the overwhelmed members all broke down and cried on stage, it gave their fans all sorts of feels too!


After putting on mesmerizing performances of their hottest hits, IZ*ONE members each took turns thanking each other, the fans, and their family and friends. Hyewon claimed, “I was able to change and grow thanks to my fellow members and the fans.”


Minju said, “Thanks to you guys, I’m learning more things about myself that I didn’t know before. I’m so grateful that I get to share these days with you guys.”


Eunbi praised the fans for helping IZ*ONE members grow closer and stronger together.


In the process, IZ*ONE members began bursting into tears one by one…


… and soon the whole group was crying and hugging on stage. And this moment, of IZ*ONE members really coming together as family, is making the fans completely emotional AF too.


IZ*ONE fans are aware of the hardships that each of the IZ*ONE members had to overcome, since their PRODUCE 48 days. So it means a lot for them to see the members find strength and support in each other. The love IZ*ONE shares with the members and their fans is real!