J.Y. Park readies for an April comeback

After a year of hiatus since the release of his last hit release, “Who’s Your Mama?”, JYP Entertainment‘s representative producer J.Y. Park will be making a comeback this April!

According to music industry officials on March 30th, J.Y. Park is getting ready to release a new song in April which is currently in the middle of the final stage. Plans for release is aimed towards mid-April.

Last year, the producer and artist released the single album 24/34 which hailed the hit single “Who’s Your Mama?” featuring Jessi and swept #1 across the digital charts.

JYP Entertainment has begun with a hail of activities for their artists with GOT7 making a comeback with “Fly” and DAY6 recently releasing their own album DAYDREAM and their title track “Letting Go.” With J.Y. Park’s own comeback in the lineup, things are looking exciting for JYP fans.

Currently, J.Y. Park is active as a judge for the current season of K-Pop Star.

Source: OSEN