This is why Bolbbalgan4 excites Jaejoong more than TWICE

At his recent fan meeting, JYJ‘s Jaejoong revealed he prefers rookie duo Bolbbalgan4 over popular girl group TWICE, who have become a fan favorite for men serving in the military.

When Jaejoong was discharged from the military in December he had stated the favorite girl group among men in the army was TWICE. He has since stated that when he got the chance to meet them he didn’t feel as excited as he thought he would have been.

He then went on to say that he has also met with Bolbbalgan4 and felt more excited to receive a CD from the rookie duo than from meeting TWICE. He said the reason behind this was that he listened to their debut album often while in the military.

While TWICE have become a fan favorite rookie group for their adorable youthful tracks and beautiful looks, Bolbbalgan4 have gained a large amount of popularity in Korea for their unique indie-pop track “Galaxy”, which became a huge success.

Take a look at why Jaejoong is a huge fan of this rookie duo below.