Japanese Students Protest Regarding Comfort Women Issue, Saying “Fuck Korea”

Protests against Korea can be found on the streets of Japan, as they argue regarding the topic of comfort women and other diplomatic disputes.

Protestors wave the controversial Rising Sun Flag, along with offensive signs against Korea saying “Fuck Korea“.

A Japanese college student tweeted, “Let’s kill all Koreans“, as the tensions between the two countries continue to rise.

The student was influenced by the words of Masanori Tanimoto, the governor of Ishikawa.

“We must drive the people of North Korea to starve to death by cutting off food supplies.”

— Masanori Tanimoto

According to the college regulations, it could have expelled, suspended or given discipline to the student.

They decided to give him the lowest punishment of writing an apology letter.

The student deleted his Tweet and apologized for his harsh words.

“I read a news article and got angry. I acted without thinking carefully. I’m sorry for my actions.”

— The Student

Source: Dispatch, KBS