Jay Park Gives GOT7’s Jay B Amazing Advice And It Has Our Hearts Melting

Jay Park is an amazing mentor!

Jay Park, the CEO of H1GHR MUSIC recently had a one on one interview with GOT7‘s Jay B who recently signed with H1GHR MUSIC.

During the interview, Jay Park revealed his initial concerns about Jay B joining to company and working with him; however, Jay Park explained he was able to gain confidence after working with Jay B on his latest solo single “Switch It Up.”

Furthermore, Jay Park shared that he sees a lot of himself in Jay B. After venturing out into his solo career, Jay Park explained he had no guidance and made a lot of steps that he finds embarrassing to look back on. Using his experience, Jay Park informed Jay B, “Because I experienced each step to get to this point, I can share what I learned to people like you.”

Jay B added, “A sense of belonging and loyalty is very important to me” and that he wants to be able to bring growth to the company. Despite being concerned about his contributions to H1GHR MUSIC, Jay Park assured Jay B that he just needs to take things step by step.

No one can achieve that kind of success from day one. As long as you have that in mind. Start step by step.

— Jay Park

Overall, Jay Park shared he wanted to be the mentor he never had to Jay B.

Jay B then asked, “What do you wish to see from me as an artist?” Although Jay Park has already given such amazing advice, what he said in response was truly comforting.

I tell my artists the same thing. I don’t expect anything more. Do what you want to do and don’t worry too much about the numbers, charts, and ratings. Have a good balance and do what you want to do. And sometimes do something for the fans.

— Jay Park

Moreover, Jay Park encouraged Jay B to work with fellow artists and do any work he wishes to do with GOT7. All in all, Jay Park conveyed he wants Jay B to do whatever he desires to do as an artist!

Other times you may need to work to help fellow artists and also do what you have to do as GOT7. I just want you to freely do what you want to do. That way you can be happy and if you enjoy your time working, it will help others around have an enjoyable time working as well. That’s the only thing I want. Staying by your side to support what you do. That’s our role here. That’s why it’s best for us to play our roles and have good synergy.

— Jay Park

Following Jay Park’s touching advice, Jay B stated he will follow his advice and work hard!

Many fans have praised Jay Park for giving Jay B more creative freedom and are excited to hear what Jay B comes out with next!

Check out the video below: