Jay Park Shares His Stance On His Retirement Plans For The Future

He’s talked about it before, and has now given an answer about them.

Jay Park has finally given fans an answer about his impending retirement!

Jay Park | Esquire Korea

Over the last few years, Jay Park has continued to hint at his retirement, and fans have been worrying about it even more with his latest announcements; one that stated he would step down as CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music, and the second being that he would start a new company to debut an idol group.

With rumors swirling around and no clear answer, Jay Park finally took to his Twitter to put fans’ worries to rest! He stated that as he was busy with other projects for the last two years, he couldn’t focus as much on his own music, and so owed himself and fans “at least another 1 or 2 albums.

In the last two years I think I did like 80 fts but only put out like 7 songs under my name lol. I owe myself and my fans at least 1-2 more good albums.

—Jay Park

Fans can rest assured, and definitely look forward to more music from him in the future!