Jay Park shows discontent after being edited on “Show Me The Money 4”

Taking to Twitter to vent out his anger, Jay Park shows his unhappiness after his performance was edited on Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 4.
On July 18th, after the airing of Show Me The Money 4, producer and judge Jay Park expressed his dissatisfaction about his and Loco‘s performance being edited. Jay Park tweeted, “You’re going to edit like this…Our rap performance wasn’t even shown…wow. Recognized.” Following that tweet he also ranted, “For a ‘rap’, ‘hip hop’ broadcast how can you edit out just like that. What’s with Loco’s stage altogether being edited out…”

During the broadcast of recent episode of Show Me The Money 4 Jay Park and Loco shared more on their stage. Jay Park said, “We’ll show people the why we are here. AOMG will show what it’s all about.” Loco also added in that they spent over approximately 4,300 USD for the stage’s production.

Jay Park recently also released the music video to his latest track, “My Last”, featuring Loco and Gray.

Source: Star News