Jay Park To Perform At TikTok LIVE’s “This Is API Celebration” Event

It’s an event to celebrate the API community.

Jay Park has just been announced to be one of the performers for TikTok‘s This Is API Celebration, their API Heritage Month finale event.

| @jparkitrighthere/Instagram

For the duration of the month, TikTok has been pushing to honor the API community and its creators.

On TikTok, API creators are embraced for their creativity, authenticity, and cultural pride. This month, we’re honoring the API community with [the hashtags] #WeAreAPI and #AsianTikTok, to shine a light on their powerful stories and experiences. We’ll also be hosting weekly virtual community events, including TikTok LIVE streams, and API creator and small business spotlights, to celebrate the impact API creators have made in the community.


This Is API Celebration is the final instalment of their weekly virtual events and will feature performances by various artists. Jay Park will be amongst them, along with Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna and more. The event will take place on May 28 at 10:00 AM KST / May 27 9:00 PM EST on the lives-stream feature within the TikTok app.

Source: Twitter