Jeon Somi Wanted McDonald’s Apple Pie So Bad, Here’s What She Did

She claims McDonald’s now sells apple pie thanks to her!

Jeon Somi shared a story on an episode of Knowing Bros that showed just how much she loved McDonald‘s apple pie. She explained McDonald’s Korea didn’t officially sell the apple pie that she craved so much.

So what she did was call the customer service center every day for an entire month, requesting that they launch apple pie!

She explained how she started doing this:

One time I called them and asked if they were going to launch the apple pie. They said they haven’t launched the apple pie but that there were many people calling about it and if the inquiries continued, they may launch it.

ㅡ Somi

And so, she called McDonald’s every day for a month and claims that the currently-sold apple pies at McDonald’s Korea are all thanks to her efforts!

She concluded that she is the type that makes sure she gets what she wants, even if it takes a long time and suggested that the Knowing Bros members try an apple pie while they’re at it since they are now selling it regularly thanks to her!

Check out Jeon Somi’s story below: