Besties Jessi And Kang Daniel Showcase Their Insane Chemistry In His “Don’t Tell” MV

They’ve had the best dynamic since day one!

Kang Daniel recently dropped his “Don’t Tell” music video featuring Jessi, and it is simply oozing with the two idols’ chemistry, proving these besties have always had the best dynamic.

Kang Daniel and Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

While the two of them met a long time ago, it wasn’t until Kang Daniel went on as a guest in Showterview that they got to know each other. It was clear right from the beginning of the episode that they had insane chemistry, as Jessi gushed about him and left him flustered.

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The two of them had plenty of fun bickering in between compliments…

And when it came time for Kang Daniel to complete the challenge of ‘winning Jessi’s heart’ with his Busan dialect, cohost Jo Jung Shik hilariously exposed her, saying, “We’ve never seen Jessi in a flutter.”

They both flustered each other plenty throughout the interview…

And by the time it came to the end, they were friends. When Jessi asked him how he felt about being on Showterview, he sincerely stated, “I’ve never felt so comfortable, relaxed, and had some much fun during an interview.”

Viewers had so much fun watching the two of them together that many were begging for Kang Daniel to return for another interview with Jessi.

And when the two of them appeared in season 3 of the variety show Sixth Sense together, they were able to show just close they are now!

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While another interview on Showterview will no longer be possible now that Jessi is no longer host of the show, fans have gotten the next best thing: a collaboration. Jessi featured in Kang Daniel’s “Don’t Tell” off his latest album, The Story, and the music video totally shows the insane amounts of chemistry that they share.

In fact, the Latin vibe of the song only adds to the sizzling atmosphere of their scenes together!

Fans couldn’t help but praise the combination of their visuals…

…which made for some intriguing tension between the two.

Some fans also couldn’t help but notice the coincidence of “Don’t Tell” coming out on the same day that Jessi left PSY‘s P Nation, especially seeing as Kang Daniel has his own recording label, KONNECT Entertainment.

Yet, while fans would love to see them working together in the same company, Jessi has yet to confirm what her future plans are. Her recent statement regarding her departure from P Nation mentioned that, for now, she plans to take some time to breathe.

In the meantime, you can watch Jessi and Kang Daniel together in his “Don’t Tell” music video…

…and in their iconic interview on Showterview.

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