Jessi Reveals Her Favorite Verse Of “What Type Of X”

What verse is your favorite?

Jessi has just released her hot new hit “What Type Of X” and it’s already stuck in everyone’s head! In celebration of her new release, Jessi appeared as her own guest on her show Showterview With Jessi. 

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

In the latest Showterview With Jessi, Jessi stepped into the shoes of her guest as this episode, Jessi was the one being interviewed instead of her interviewing her guest. While being interviewed, Jessi was asked what her favorite verse of “What Type Of X” is.

Jessi revealed that while the verse, “What type of X do you think I am?” is, of course, an essential part of the song, Jessi revealed it’s not her favorite one.

My favorite part is ‘I’m not satisfied yet, I’m greedy. I take care of my share every day. Thanks to my ex I’m on to the next. I’m that crazy X around here.’

— Jessi

Jessi shared an explanation as to why that specific verse in the song is her favorite. Jessi revealed that she feels that verse has an “Artistic madness” to its expression.

That verse is something like…It feels a bit crazy there.

— Jessi

Jessi’s comeback has been long anticipated by fans after it was first revealed On February 25 by P Nation‘s PSY through his official Instagram. Now that Jessi has made her comeback, “What Type Of X” has been well received by the fans!

Check out the interview below: