Jessi Reveals Why “What Type Of X” Felt Like An “Unfamiliar” Song To Her

Jessi talked about her latest song, and shared her initial feelings about it!

Jessi gave her thoughts on her latest comeback song, “What Type Of X”!

On the latest episode of Showterview With Jessi, the show welcomed none other than Jessi as their honored guest!

While talking about her latest track, Jessi shared how she felt the pressure to deliver a good song after the success of “NUNU NANA” in 2020!

I feel more pressure because “NUNU NANA” was so loved.


While talking about how she wanted to show various sides to her as an artist, she shared how “What Type Of X” was actually written for the Refund Sisters, and is an unfamiliar song to her!

To be honest with you, I’m kinda unfamiliar with this song. Frankly speaking, the song was originally written for Refund Sisters. Not originally; each one of us brought up a song with us and we had to pick one among them.

Then they came up with “Don’t Touch Me”.


Jessi then revealed that it was ultimately PSY who pushed for to release the song as the title track of her comeback because he believed it was a song that suited Jessi ridiculously well!

“What Type Of X” was originally produced as my title song, and PSY said, “This was your title song, let’s drop it!”

So the song ended up becoming mine after a long journey.


Jessi just dropped her latest digital single titled “What Type Of X”.

Watch her talk about the song here!