Ji Soo To Take Legal Action Against False Sexual Violence Accusations

He will be taking strong legal action.

Actor Ji Soo and his law firm released a statement revealing that they have taken legal action against those that spread false rumors and accusations.

Below is the full statement:

As the legal representative of actor Ji Soo, this law firm discloses the client’s position as follows.

Immediately after the allegations of school violence was raised, the client posted a handwritten apology on social media and asked for forgiveness directly from all the people that he could contact.

Among the arguments that were raised, there were many facts that were different from the truth, but the client has not responded to those matters in order to reflect on their past actions. However, the obvious false claims regarding the client committing sexual crimes in the past have been expanded and reproduced online. While the client has been staying silent to reflect on himself, the claims above are being accepted as if they are true.

Due to this, the client has filed a criminal complaint for defamation in order to reveal the truth. The investigation to find the people posting the false information is currently still in process. The client will also continue to take legal action against those who defame him through false information.

We apologize for causing concern through the filing of this complaint.

Earlier, it was confirmed that KeyEast would be terminating their contract with Ji Soo due to his bullying and school violence allegations.

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