Ji Suk Jin Reveals He Tried To Quit Running Man 3 Times

“I don’t think I’m necessary in this show.”

Ji Suk Jin revealed on his personal YouTube channel how he tried to quit Running Man 3 times.

On Ji Suk Jin’s latest upload on his YouTube channel, he talked about his time on Running Man, and how he had a lot of difficulties adjusting to the show, so much that he wanted to quit. He began to read his own wiki page on Namu Wiki, Korea’s version of Wikipedia, and this video focused on the Running Man section.

He first read about his image in Korea prior to joining the show.

In the case of Ji Suk Jin, he worked as a MC in many programs, proved his ability, and was in great demand.

But then he started losing his shows.

Around the time where his broadcasting careers was declining, he got the opportunity to join an outdoor variety show called Running Man. As he worked as an MC for shows that are usually indoors, the idea of an outdoor variety did not fit him.

Wow this is so real.

— Ji Suk Jin

Ji Suk Jin talked about how the wiki description of him was so true, and elaborated on how he didn’t think he was the right fit for the show.

It really didn’t fit me. It was really difficult for me at the start. The role of an MC is different, from say a player’s role.

Because I am a player [on Running Man], putting in things like comments or gags at the right timing is different [from indoor varieties]. It’s true that I experienced difficulties on Running Man.

I asked to meet Cho Hyo Jin PD in person 3 times, and said I would quit…

I said ‘I don’t think I’m necessary in this show’, ‘this program isn’t helpful for me’, ‘it would be better for both of us if we parted ways here,’ but even with all of that, Cho Hyo Jin PD held onto me and encouraged me.

— Ji Suk Jin

He also shared how Yoo Jae Suk encouraged him to stay on the show as well.

Jae Suk also encouraged me to stay. I would like to say thank you to them right now…

— Ji Suk Jin

He then went on to read about how he was blamed a lot by viewers of the show early on, and Ji Suk Jin agreed.

From the beginning to the middle of the show [based on episodes], Ji Suk Jin was the target of blame by viewers.

Well, that can happen at the start of a show. Maybe I didn’t have enough presence in the show, even if I think I didn’t fit it. I shouldn’t have worked with this mindset.

Following the start of the show, Ji Suk Jin’s activities in Running Man were getting more and more invisible, and he has been accused of just getting a free appearance fee. However, after establishing the Easy Brothers character [with Lee Kwang Soo] and the role of a punching bag, Ji Suk Jin’s role became more important in Running Man. As Running Man became more popular throughout the world, Ji Suk Jin became a Hallyu star and his fans go crazy when he visits.

Hahaha wow bragging about yourself. But this is, you know, humorous exaggerations. I never said my fans go crazy when I visit.

— Ji Suk Jin

Ji Suk Jin even read about how Kim Gu Ra basically reported his death, and the amount of money he makes.

Kim Gu Ra said Ji Suk Jin makes more off Running Man than he does with 10 shows, and also how Ji Suk Jin was nearly dead before joining Running Man.

Hey, it’s not to that degree!

— Ji Suk Jin

Watch Ji Suk Jin’s vlog on Running Man below: