Jimin bids Yookyung farewell with a nostalgia 8-member group photo

AOA‘s leader Jimin uploaded a touching tribute photo on Instagram for her original team of eight.

Fans were sadden upon hearing member Yookyung‘s contract ending with FNC. Yookyung was the drummer for the group, who was not often in the public eye due to her hiatus as AOA promoted as a 7-member dance group.

FNC Entertainment is not completely ending their relationship with Yookyung; she will be a guest member in future AOA Black (the band unit) promotions. She assured fans in a message “[i]f AOA Black releases a new song, I will quickly fill the spot of the drummer.”

On October 15th (the very day FNC made the departure announcement), Jimin posted a photo of all 8 members with the caption “AOA”. She thoughtfully replaced the “O” with a heart, honoring Yookyung’s place in the group.


Source: Star News