BTS’s Jimin Is Officially The Most Popular Male K-Pop Idol Of 2019

He’s a legend at this point.

The December brand reputation rankings for individual male idols was revealed on the 20th.

The Korean Business Research Institute determines idol ranking through social media buzz, consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes.

December marked the last list of 2019, and one person in particular made a huge achievement: BTS‘s Jimin who ranked first once again.


More impressively, this was the twelfth time in a row that he had earned this coveted top spot.

Jimin topped the brand reputation rankings again.


Jimin, as a result, is considered the most popular male K-Pop idol in 2019!


No other person has come close to beating this record and ARMYs were quick to take notice.


They praised Jimin for this huge achievement that he earned despite a lack of promotions.


They noted that Jimin usually scores much higher than everyone else on the list.


His associated key words include “considerate”, “happy”, and “like”, ensuring fans that he topped the list for positive popularity only.


ARMYS were undeniably, 100% proud of everything Jimin was able to achieve so far.


Besides brand reputation, Jimin also ranked as the most preferred K-Pop idol in Gallup‘s 2019 research, topping the list for the second year in a row.

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Korea’s “It Boy” indeed!


Source: Naver