Jimmy Fallon Gives BTS’s “Butter” An ’80s Twist During The Musical Genre Challenge On “The Tonight Show”

Hoping for a friendship as supportive as Jimmy and BTS’s in the future 💜

It’s no surprise that BTS has fans all across the globe, ranging all different paths of life. Many times referred to as celebrities amongst celebrities, BTS has several A-list ARMYs around the world!

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One of the crowd favorites is American talk show host, Jimmy Fallon! Jimmy Fallon himself has proved time and time again that he is a true ARMY both on and off the television screen, but ARMYs around the world love him for his genuine support and happiness for BTS’s success.

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From posting pictures in BT21 gear, to gushing about BTS’s work ethic, to playing segments on his show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with BTS’s music, Jimmy has really showed his interest and excitement over the boys.

And for good reason, as the talk show host witnessed BTS’s iconic “ON” performance at Grand Central Terminal live and in person. How can you not be a supporter after witnessing that?

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy and special guest star Alessia Cara play one of the show’s favorite bits: the “Musical Genre Challenge”. Players hit a button and get a random song title and music genre, and with help from The Roots, have to sing said song in that music genre. Fun right? We think so!

ARMYs were excited to see The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon upload the bit as Jimmy’s first challenge was to sing BTS’s “Butter” in ’80s New Wave style. At first, Jimmy seemed a bit daunted by the genre as it is so different from the original, but he pulled through!

Jimmy’s deeper tones to fit the ’80s music style was a real sight to see (or should we say hear) as he sang a part of BTS’s chart topping single word for word.

Fans were pleasantly surprised at the catchy beat and how well Jimmy did, and we have to agree—the song was pretty good as a ’80s New Wave Jam! 😂

Jimmy Fallon is probably one of ARMYs favorite A-list ARMYs, and we can’t wait to see BTS and Jimmy Fallon reunite some day (hopefully soon).

Make sure to take a listen to Jimmy perform “Butter” in the video below.