Jinwoo Reveals Why He Loves Each And Every Member Of WINNER And His Reasons Will Warm Your Heart

Jinu really thinks of them as his “family”

WINNER is known as a group whose members consider each other as brothers.

Their genuine friendship and natural chemistry has endeared fans for many years.

Jinwoo has recently made his solo debut with “Call Anytime” and his members have been constantly supporting his promotions, with fellow member Mino even featuring in the song.

In a recent interview, Jinwoo was asked what his members mean to him, considering he had spent many years with them as trainees and as labelmates.

Jinwoo took the time to focus on each member and what they mean to him personally.

While each member is different in their own way, Jinwoo revealed that he cherishes all three of them and considers them as his family.

With WINNER’s leader and maknae Seungyoon, Jinwoo praised him for his love for the group.

He also highlighted that despite his young age, Seungyoon is so mature and responsible.

He tries to not get swept up in emotions and more than anything, I am always grateful for the affection Seungyoon has for WINNER.

He’s the dongsaeng who I want to take care of and cherish the most

With Seunghoon, Jinwoo praised his energy and charisma, but also stated that he appreciates how kind and attentive he is.

He’s also the type of friend who will listen to what the other person has to say and then care and be attentive to it with his heart.

Jinwoo acknowledged that he trusts Seunghoon so much because he never goes back on his word.

Finally, with Mino, Jinwoo answered that despite his rapper image, he is incredibly soft and affectionate.

Jinwoo even exposed that Mino is the one who calls him handsome the most!

Mino is full of cuteness and affection … I think Mino and I have the ability to share certain feelings only the two of us can understand, only because it’s us.

Jinwoo concluded by stating that WINNER has been with him through all the best times, and stuck by him through the tough times as well.

Hence, this is why Jinwoo cherishes the other members as not just friends, but as brothers.

It is heartwarming to see Jinwoo to have such strong relationships and genuine friendship with his fellow members.

After all, it is the friends who stick with you through the worst of times that deserve to be with you for the best of times.