B1A4’s Jinyoung Offered The Lead Character In Netflix’s First Romantic K-Drama

Jinyoung may be appearing on Netflix’s new drama “Because It’s My First Love”.

It has been reported that B1A4‘s Jinyoung is currently reviewing an offer for the lead role in Netflix‘s first romantic K-Drama.


Jinyoung’s agency, Link8 Entertainment, announced on the 5th that Jinyoung is currently in the process of reviewing the offer for the drama called Because It’s My First Love.

“We’ve received an offer for the lead role of the Netflix drama Because It’s My First Love. We are positively reviewing the role as Jinyoung’s next work.”

 Link8 Entertainment


Because It’s My First Love will revolve around the story of characters in their 20’s who seek to find love and develop friendships. Jinyoung has been offered the role of a mature and chic “city man”, who is involved in a love triangle.


Netizens have been expressing that the character suits Jinyoung’s image very well and have been hoping that he takes on the role.

  • “The chic image suits him.”
  • “I think the chic city man and the first love concept suits Jinyoung perfectly.”


Actor Ji Soo has been offered the role of the other male lead character, who is considered a “perfect man” with outstanding visuals as well as an impressive college degree. He is also reportedly in the process of reviewing the offer.


Jinyoung has been actively pursuing his acting career, winning the Rookie of the Year Award for his appearance on the 2016 KBS drama Love in the Moonlight.


He is also awaiting the release of the film Man Inside Me, in which he took on his first lead role for a film.


Jinyoung, who has recently signed with his new agency, has been participating in the production of drama soundtracks as well as other music productions and has a lot going for him so fans hope that he will be able to show even more of his charms through this new drama!

Source: Sports MK, Naver and Dispatch