Jinyoung Reveals The Special Effects Makeup In His New Film Cost Over $130,000 USD Total

That’s some expensive makeup!

Jinyoung revealed more about the difficulties he endured during the filming of the film Inside Me including how much went into his special effects makeup.


On a recent episode of the radio program, Cultwo Show, Jinyoung revealed that the special effects makeup for his movie took 3 hours to complete so he had a difficult time arriving early before each filming.

“I appear on the film with special effects makeup. It took 3 hours to put the makeup on so I had to arrive at the film site before the filming. So let’s say the first scene is scheduled at 7:30. I’d have to wake up at 2am and start.”

ㅡ Jinyoung


Moreover, he revealed that it cost 5 million KRW ($4,448 USD) for each special effects makeup and he did this a total of about 30 times, meaning approximately 150 million KRW (over $130,000) was spent on his special effects makeup!

“I heard it costs about 5 million KRW per each special effects makeup session. I think I put on the makeup about 30 times.”

ㅡ Jinyoung


It appears that the special effects makeup was done to make Jinyoung look larger than he actually is and considering the results, it’s no wonder it required so much time and money!


Meanwhile, Inside Me is a comedy that follows the story of a high school student and a middle-aged man whose bodies switch after an accident.


Check out the preview for Inside Me below:

Source: Youtube