Jisoo performs Lovelyz’s debut track in public for the first time

After a long, two year wait, fans were finally able to witness Lovelyz‘s Jisoo perform the group’s debut track “Good Night Like Yesterday” with her fellow members.

On September 17th, MBC’s Music Core aired a special live episode for the Chuseok holiday, inviting K-pop singers to perform special stages for their fans. In particular, SEVENTEEN surprised with an acoustic performance of “VERY NICE”.

Lovelyz’s performance of “Good Night Like Yesterday” also became a hot topic, as this was the first time the group was performing the track with its full team of eight members. Jisoo was unable to stand on the group’s debut stage back in 2014, but was finally able to sing her lines last night.

The girl group last promoted with title track “Destiny” in April and main vocalist Kei has recently been competing against other underrated girl group vocalists on the show Girl Spirit. Many are already full of anticipation for the group’s comeback after watching their performance: